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Lithium hydroxide Anhydrous
Molecular Formula LiOH
Molecular Weight 23.95
CAS NO. 1310-65-2
Purity 98%
Specifc Gravity 1.43
Melting Point 462℃

White fine article, with piquancy taste and strong basicity; it easily absorbs carbon dioxide and water in air; soluble in water; light soluble in alcohol.

Quality Specificaton Standard 1LiOH--- 
sodium (Na)≤0.05% 
potassium (K)≤0.05% 
calcium (Ca)≤0.01% 
Ferrum (Fe)≤0.005% 
chlorine (Cl)≤0.005% 
sulfate radical (SO4)≤0.05% 
carbon dioxide (CO2)≤1.5% 
moisture (H2O)≤0.5%
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